Hiring a photographer + fresh social media stats

And 36 Social Media Marketing Statistics to Know for 2021

Hiring a photographer + fresh social media stats

For a brief moment, I panicked about how January had flown by and I felt like I got nothing done. But then I remembered how US news completely took over three weeks of it and felt a little better. I obviously still have to work on how productivity defines my life.

  • Happy Black History Month! If last summer and this month were the only times you have thought about posting about Black history, may I recommend that you sit this one out. This article gives some great advice on what to consider before posting.
  • After someone jokingly posted about “Blue Check Homes,” a verified blue check crest to place on your SF home, hundreds ended up applying for it.
  • Between now and the next issue is a very important holiday to me and I am not referencing Valentine’s Day. I’ve hosted new years dinners for 15 years in a row and I’m not quite sure what to do this year. In any case, I wish you all happiness and prosperity in the year of the ox.
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How to hire the right photographer for you

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your photography work, this piece is for you. I’ve written about why I don’t think freelance marketplaces are great for creatives but I haven’t focused specifically on photography yet. I’m writing this with a dual perspective: as someone who advises on marketing and as a photographer.

One of the first steps in hiring any creative is figuring out what you want from them. Do you need a dozen shots of your coffee bags (product photography) or do you need images of people enjoying your coffee (lifestyle photography)? Once you have that figured out, then it’s time to decide if you need additional specializations. These could include areas like coffee only, food and beverages, restaurants, or even styled outdoors (all those camping and coffee photos).

Check their style

Once you’ve figured out some of your requirements, checking their style is next. Have the photos that you’re envisioning been created in some way already by them? Some people are excellent at dark and moody photos while others prefer a minimalist look. When you hire a photographer, you’re hiring them for their expertise and their style. Don’t hire someone just because they’re your friend. If their style doesn’t fit yours, then you’ll be unsatisfied with the final work.

Pull inspirations

Whether you’re working with someone who will put together the shot list or you have your own already, you still need a way to convey the type and style of images you want. I know I mentioned checking their style; however, some photographers have multiple styles. If you have example images of what the overall look and feel you’re going for, it’ll give the photographer a good idea if you’re a good fit or not.

Set your expectations

Photography can be expensive. When you pay a photographer, you’re not just paying them for the final photos but also for their time spent on the photoshoot, editing, equipment used or rented, and their general expertise in the matter. In the end, you should receive a set of fully edited images in the predetermined style. If you don’t like the photos, it is better to discuss this with the photographer than it is to ask for the originals.

As an aside, RAW vs jpeg as a debate is something to understand, especially if your photographer shoots in RAW and you wonder why you can’t have the originals. To put it in a different perspective, you wouldn’t ask an illustrator for all of the drafts they drew up and threw away, you would want the final version.

I hope these tips help you in your next search for a photographer. If you have any further questions, hit the reply button.

36 Social Media Marketing Statistics to Know for 2021

[BYLINE] now the top social media stats to help you stay ahead of trends and build a successful marketing strategy for 2021.

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Quick text updates & links on what's new on the networks

Quick text updates & links on what's new on the networks

Instagram added a “recently deleted” folder for those who accidentally delete feed posts. It introduced a new professional dashboard as a support service for creators. It’s testing the removal of being able to share feed posts into stories (this makes no sense whatsoever).

Twitter purchased newsletter company Revue (what this newsletter runs on). The free account now includes all the Pro features and you can access the shortcut via Twitter’s web app. Twitter & Sprinklr partnered up to release a report on best practices for Twitter customer care. In an effort to fight disinformation, the company announced Birdwatch, a separate community-based platform.

Facebook is testing a topic exclusion control option for advertisers so you don’t inadvertently advertise with an unwanted topic. Facebook released new details of how the newsfeed algorithm works, from an engineer’s perspective. I linked the summary but a technical explanation is also available.

Helpful links on how to improve your digital marketing

Helpful links on how to improve your digital marketing

How to Get Traffic to Your Business Website Without Paying for it

How to Get Traffic to Your Business Website Without Paying for it

Your website is your online foundation. You need to drive traffic and to attract your target audience to convert visitors into customers.

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The right fit: How to find influencers for your brand's marketing campaign

Finding the right influencers for your brand is the difference between a successful marketing campaign and one that flops with your audience.

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Facebook Ads Analytics: How to Stop Wasting Money

Discover three key metrics to analyze Facebook ad costs and discover what to adjust if your stats don’t meet the benchmark performance rates.

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Anything I've enjoyed reading recently

Anything I've enjoyed reading recently

The Pandemic Has Erased Entire Categories of Friendship

The Pandemic Has Erased Entire Categories of Friendship

There’s a reason you miss the people you didn’t even know that well.

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In Praise of Aunties: The Ultimate Home Cooks

Teachers, mentors, confidantes—aunties make the world go round. Food & Wine salutes five remarkable aunties and their comforting recipes.

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The Coronavirus Made Us Socially Awkward

Deprive people of interactions with peers, and their social skills will atrophy. This is yet another side effect of the pandemic.

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An update from my container garden!

An update from my container garden!

Not that I've had many of houseplants produce flowers but this spider plant certainly has the most dramatic flower stalk I've ever had.

Not that I've had many of houseplants produce flowers but this spider plant certainly has the most dramatic flower stalk I've ever had.

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