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Two photos with different facial expressions. Both have an East Asian woman centered on a stool, surrounded by houseplants in the background. Left photo is a direct, serious stare. On right, is smiling and looking down to the bottom-left corner.
A recent self-portrait

Rebranding Coffee Marketing

Formerly “Coffee Marketing”, a newsletter I wrote for over six years.

I began the newsletter as a free marketing resource for specialty coffee businesses, but it hasn’t been solely about marketing for a long while.

After a decade of freelancing, I decided to move over to Substack for a clean break and an updated newsletter that incorporates more personal essays along with the regular content you’ve come to expect from “Coffee Marketing”.

About tanJennts

Free subscribers — Twice a month on Wednesdays, you’ll receive an issue right in your inbox. The format will be the same as Coffee Marketing:

  • notes from Jenn: A short list of things that have happened recently.

  • the tanJennt: An essay or feature, including how-to guides, articles, personal reflections, interviews, and in the future, short-form journalism. I aim for at least one marketing-esque piece for every fourth issue. Some example topics include:

    • Coffee marketing

    • Culture

    • Freelancing

    • Cultural identity

    • Food

  • social media: A quick text update on new features and tests on the big social networks. I sift through the noise and give you a summary of things that are relevant to small business owners.

  • digital strategy: A few links on how to improve your digital strategy.

  • interesting reads: Articles I’ve read recently that I’ve enjoyed. These run the gamut of topics but are almost never about marketing.

  • plant update: A plant feature from my container garden!

To get a sense of what I like to write about, here are some of my favorites:

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What others say

As a marketer, I’m terrible at marketing myself so here are some snippets of what others have to say about my newsletter:

Enjoy the newsletter. Always surprised and delighted to find something I really want to click on.

I always forward your emails to people. Your content is rich, educational, relevant and inspiring. Thank you.

Yours is one of the very few newsletters that I want to receive in my primary gmail inbox. I’m always learning and intrigued about the topics you choose. Thank you for raising the important issues and thank you for consistently sharing high quality information!

The average tanJennts reader:

  • is a specialty coffee professional, copywriter, writer, freelancer, or marketer

  • enjoys coffee or the stories it inspires

  • trusts me to explore the various tangents that my interests take me

  • seeks inspiration and guidance in digital marketing

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About me

I work in the specialty coffee industry as a digital marketing consultant, writer, and photographer. This is a job I created for myself and I love it most of the time (who actually loves their job 100% of the time? I’d love to know). I’m on the board of GoFundBean, a nonprofit that supports, uplifts, and defends the hourly coffee worker.

I’m an editor-at-large at Sprudge, “the world’s most popular coffee publication.” My bylines there are in-depth features on a whole range of topics like coffee unions, giant roadside coffee pots, and the still-somehow-controversial gesha vs. geisha debate.

I’ve been writing on the internet for a long while, dating back to LiveJournal and Xanga days. Prior to that, I began journaling around the age of 5 in my puffy, hot pink Princess Jasmine diary. It came with a plastic lock and key!

On the left half, a pitmix dog grinning and on right, an East Asian woman with a pixie cut, red tank, green sunglasses, also smiling

Inspired by coffee, powered by chips

Let’s see: my rescue dog Zoey takes up a giant chunk of my time. I love chips, donuts, plants, jigsaw puzzles, and unironic walks on the beach. I often take up random crafting projects, usually like to travel but haven’t flown since January 2020, and I do what I can to give back to the communities I’m in.

Digital marketing coaching

I work with specialty coffee businesses, organizations, and manufacturers on improving their digital marketing strategies and processes. If you’d like to hire me for consulting work, review the services I offer. This is the very last thing on my About page because my newsletter is not a means for me to push my marketing services.

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Jenn Chen
Inspired by coffee, powered by chips. 📧 tanJennts: Introspective & caffeinated tangents on creativity, culture, and marketing.