Week 7: Different POV

March 6-12

It’s Week 7! This prompt challenges you to deviate from your norm. We get stuck in our ways (see week 5: monotone) and one way to escape this is to switch up your viewpoint. It’s time for a new point of view.

The last time I saw a new POV in a photo prompt, I was so intrigued, because I never really thought of changing the perspective of my photos in the sense of where I shoot from. The suggestion was that if you’re used to standing and shooting, you should try shooting from the hip. Or, if you have a child, set up the photo as if they were taking it.

But this is a creative challenge, not a photo challenge. A new POV can go so many different ways! Whatever medium you’re doing, think about what makes you comfortable…and do the opposite of it. Do you prefer a minimalist look? Try going maximalist instead. Are you always drawing a scene from the same log that you sit on? Try a different log. Try an entirely different scene.

Examples & directions to go:

  • Adobe’s blog covered perspective in photography. Choose a different type than you’re used to.
  • Writing: choose a different person’s perspective (first, second, third) to write the story in. Or, write a character with a different age, gender, personality, etc.
  • Draw or design a scene that warps the viewer’s perspective.
  • Take the style of a creative person you admire and try and replicate it in your own work. For example, write in the style of Shakespeare.
  • Angles! Switch up the angles at which you approach your art.

Mood board & inspiration: