Week 1: Shadow patterns

January 23-29

Hello friends! I hope you’re just as excited as me to start on our very first prompt, shadow patterns. In case you missed it, I published FAQs and tips for setting yourself up for success. Use the comments section below and the Chat feature in the app to discuss the prompt and post your creations!

The idea1 of shadow patterns makes you focus not on what we would usually see—the main subject—and instead, observe a black, gray, monotonous moment; it forces us to ignore the color and details. Patterns can be created or found with sun or artificial light. When walking around, you may find that the fire escape casts a sharp shadow on the building’s side. Shadows can be soft, sharp, looming, frightening, and inspiring.

Examples & directions to go:

  • Take a walk and observe the patterns that draw you in
  • Pluck leaves or a set of leaves (like a fern) and simulate shadows
  • Use colored lights and create your own shadows
  • Write the mention of shadow patterns into a flash fiction piece

Mood board & inspiration:

  1. Suggested as a photo prompt a while ago by a friend and subscriber!