The future of tanjennts is [probably] seasonal (update: it is)

The future of tanjennts is [probably] seasonal (update: it is)
Photo by Chris Lawton / Unsplash

On Monday, I had—what felt like for the first time this year—space in my brain to dream. I’ve set the end of Q1 as the end of my marketing services, and it’s both thrilling and terrifying. It means a loss of income, but a gain in time.

I dreamt about what I wanted tanjennts to look like. If given all the space and time, money was not an issue, and I was guaranteed my ideal interview sources, what do I want it to be? If I had zero subscribers, what would I do?

I find this type of creative exercise to be quite tricky. It’s very difficult for me to write down something I’d consider whimsical, like, “I want to make mugs!” without questioning myself in three different directions (I don’t have ceramics experience, my hands-on creative work isn’t that creative, do I really want to turn another potential hobby into an income stream??). 

I allowed myself to think about using seasons/themes for organizing content and what kind of work I wanted to create. A few themes emerged from this—the ideas are in the screenshots below. I keep adding more to the community season, so it might need to be split up somehow.