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Hi, I am DJ and am on the east coast between Baltimore and DC.

I am a software engineer and side project builder 👀

I signed up because I read your blog on lurking and I wanted to dive into more of your writing. I just gave a talk about social media and how we have come to normalize lurking so I was very interested.

My favorite flower would be a daffodil because of a poem I like.

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Hey, I'm Kat Melheim in Raleigh, North Carolina. Long time reader, first time paid subscriber and very happy to be here!

I am a roaster and also run my own publication called Coffee People Zine, which is an art journal for/by the coffee community.

I signed up because I get a lot of joy and knowledge out of the tanjennts newsletters and it's past time I pitched in financially. The piece that converted me was "How do you ideate." I felt like Jenn was describing how my mind works, too. I just kept going, "yes! That sounds like me!" I reflected on all the times I felt understood or learned something new and could no longer justify getting this primo content for free.

My favorite flower is the peony, but my favorite tree is a fig tree. I always get excited when I see them.

Thanks for all you do, Jenn! I'm happy to be more a part of this now :)

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Hello, my name is Ran. I live in the Seattle metro area. I’m currently taking some time to reevaluate my career path, having most recently left a job in radiology management. I felt like I needed a little more creativity in my daily job; healthcare administration, as you might imagine, doesn’t leave much room for that. So right now, I work at a plant store and I’m trying to figure things out.

I signed up for Creative Sparks to rekindle the fire I had as a younger writer. 

My current favorite plant is a tossup between hydrocotyle verticillata (whorled pennywort) and ficus pumila v. quercifolia (miniature oakleaf fig). I love the look of each of them, especially in the terrariums that I build.

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I'm Felix and I'm in Seattle ◡̈ I'm a graphic designer for Fuel Coffee and I also freelance ᕦ(ò_óˇ) I'm trying to find a job in manga publishing though!!!

Honestly, my reasoning is flawed (๑ ᵕ⌓ᵕ̤) I signed up because I crave community and my value is directly correlated to my productivity (something I'd like to *eventually* learn how to deconstruct). I'm truly always so excited to have any opportunity to connect + create though ♡⊹ I'm creative due to the nature of my work, but I'd like to reclaim some of that creativity for myself.

My favorite plant is a money tree!! It was the first plant I ever bought and honestly, it's such a high-reward plant! Easy to take care of and constantly sprouting new leaves ( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ )

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Hi :)

It’s Bethany! I’m currently living on Moku o Keawe, aka the Big Island of Hawai’i. I’ve been in coffee and hospitality for about 12 years, and am in a funny spot of being ready to transition professionally, but without a specific direction in mind. I know I want to be doing something people-centric and creative, but that hasn’t narrowed the field too much yet.

I signed up because I like having homework :) especially when it’s not directly related to work. I’m trying to expand my creative practices at large.

My favorite plant is a fern called ‘ae. It’s one of the first species that will grow on a fresh lava flow. They’re adorable, for one, and I love the symbolism of plant life populating freshly born land.

Looking forward to playing!

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Hi Jenn! This is Lydia - somehow I didn't realize you had a newsletter?! Excited to sign up! We met in... 2018 I think? at an event in Austin, TX. I have loved following your writing in Sprudge and Instagram account and look forward to following here.

At the moment of writing this I'm in between jobs. But have spent a large part of my career in coffee and the hospitality industry.

I don't know if I have a favorite plant. I never really thought about it. I would probably say an aloe plant because I can a) keep it alive as a house plant, and b) as a ginger who gets sunburned, aloe plants are the best.

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Hey there, Jenn!

Miranda here from Austin, TX. I'm currently doing marketing, events, and training for Greater Goods Coffee. I think I was first introduced to you back in 2019 at the USBC Qualifier in Nashville, but I've been following you online ever since!

I'm subscribing because I really enjoyed your social media and Vietnamese coffee articles for Sprudge. I'm an aspiring coffee/food writer myself, and I learn a lot by reading your work. Thanks for doing what you do! My favorite plant is the pothos because it's very forgiving - I'm not much of a plant momma, but my pothoses (pothi?) make me feel really good about myself. I am also very grateful for the coffee plant, of course. Also the tomato. The plum, the peach, and the lemon tree are also very nice.

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Hello Jen ! I'm Pauline, a French living in Tokyo.

I am a caffeine curator & coffee specialist for a start up of specialty coffee ( I pretty much handle everything coffee-related haha ☕).

I signed up because I have been following you for a while on Twitter and I enjoy reading your work. Also love the idea of newsletter and wish to support.

Not sure about plant but I adore red japanese camellia (tsubaki) 🌺

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Hi Jenn - I’m Brian from rural Iowa. I’m a software professional and also own an e-commerce-oriented roasting business that’s 7 yrs old, which is how I’ve known about you for a handful of years (coffee twitter). I signed up because I’ve appreciated your work prior to substack :) Was overjoyed to read your interview with Ever Meister, from whom I used to purchase green coffee and they also trained me in cupping (all wonderful experiences)

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Hi Jenn!

I'm Abigail in Brooklyn, New York! I'm a writer and cooking teacher (check out my newsletter This Needs Hot Sauce) and we met in Substack grow. I loved the article you recommended about negotiation tips for writers, so helpful. My favorite plant is a snake plant, I've had many in my apartments over the years and they grow so well and I read that they purify the air (I don't know if that's true but I like to believe it!).

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Hi! I'm Mindy from southwest Ohio. We're about to open up a coffee shop & roastery (fingers crossed for a Dec 2022 opening). I read an article in Roast Magazine on branding and I'm here to learn more. My favorite plant is my 45-year-old indoor ficus tree that I've had since I was 15. She's massive and has her own room. I adore her beauty and reslience.

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