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I'm not a content creator on social outside my personal life, but as a consumer of content I detest most video beyond cute animal videos. And shaky cameras make me nauseous, too!

I look for learning content videos with transcripts I can read rather than watch, or the capacity to watch at 1.5+ speed. If neither is available, I'm usually moving on without that content.

Overall, video feels to me like too much, too fast - which is how our information & tech culture feels all the time, honestly.

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Big same! Especially that feeling that I am supposed to put my face in front of the camera when I just don't want to. I'm resisting the switch from photo to video for as long as I can.

Occasionally I get drawn into the reel-hole and an hour of hairstyle hacks, puppy rescues, car crashes, comedy bits, and heavily filtered humans lip-synching things that other people have said will pass before I even realize that I am stuck and have added nothing meaningful to my brainscape. However, one of those reel-holes led to Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson doing a Tortilla Challenge and I have zero regrets about that one.

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I struggle with video and adapting to new media formats (like what am I going to make a reel about?!!?) so thank you for voicing this!

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