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Thank you for writing this, Jenn! It's too infrequent that we support each other as introverts in a mostly-extroverted world. I love the idea to keep a running note of those I meet with context; my overstimulated brain struggles to remember details later.

My advice:

*Don't feel guilty about slipping away for a few quiet moments amidst the business, we don't have to be ON all the time. I love the Expo Science Poster area for this (outside the presentation times). I can read (or look like I'm reading) and decompress a bit in silence.

*Bring a real book to read in the evenings to calm your mind and spirit (tech-free, noise-free).

*I carry a relaxing essential oil blend in a roller with me and use as needed.

*And I agree with Laura on healthy snacks and water.

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I always make sure to pack a water bottle and extra granola/protein bars. I usually forget to eat and drink water when at expo, especially while drinking so much coffee and tea.

A tip from a friend, Holly Bastin, you don't have to finish everything that's given to you. I take this heart.

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