Digital Audience Research Template + Brand Monitoring

I can’t believe February is over. An update on where I’m at in my 2018 goals… I’ve gotten a little further in my systems!

  • Dubsado*: You can see some of this in action on my site & I’m slowing introducing the client portal to my current clients.
  • Station: A free Mac app that compiles all of your work apps into one place. It’s like a browser with all of your tabs open without slowing down your computer.
  • Airtable*: I hate spreadsheets, data entry, and repetitive work. So I can’t believe I hadn’t tried out this tool until now! They make databases look pretty & have plenty of templates you can choose from.

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Digital Audience Research

Ok, I know I just said that I hate spreadsheets & data entry, but they have a time and place… like in this easy audience audit!

Chances are, your audience on Twitter is not the same as your audience on Facebook. Why is this important? Knowing who you’re speaking to helps you fine-tune your social media presence. If your audience on Instagram skews younger and more US-centric than your audience on Facebook, you would likely add some more slang and fun emojis.

This is a guide on how to research who your digital audience is. Walking through will take about half an hour, depending on how many networks you’re looking at. While this is written with coffee businesses in mind, you can certainly expand this to apply to other types of businesses.

Goal: the goal of this is to know who your audience is currently. If you had projected a different type of audience, then you can certainly use this information to change up some marketing efforts.

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The Complete Field Guide to Brand Monitoring

[BYLINE] Brand monitoring techniques range from comment and review migration to sentiment analysis of your product. It pays to understand what consumers say about your brand and it’s even more important to track those conversations.

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It's about time! It only took half a year, but the Monstera that I propagated finally sprouted a new baby leaf!
It's about time! It only took half a year, but the Monstera that I propagated finally sprouted a new baby leaf!