Week 3: Cozy

February 6-12

With the completion of this week’s prompt, we will be officially one-fourth of the way through Creative Sparks! Sending a virtual pat on the back to all of you. Use the comments section below and the Chat feature in the app to discuss the prompt and post your creations!

Like the weeks before, this week’s prompt includes a short description, examples and directions to go, and a mood board for inspiration. These are just prompts—there’s no requirement that you include coziness inside whatever you’re creating—as long as the creation was prompted by thinking about coziness.

This prompt was originally also supposed to include “soft textures.” But as I mulled it over, I realized that “cozy” can mean different things to different people. One person’s fuzzy blanket coziness could be another person’s touch sensory overload. Instead, let’s think about the tangible and intangible things that create that feeling of coziness for you.

When I post photos of my apartment, I often get comments about how cozy it looks. That wasn’t a design intention; it’s the nice side effect of my design choices. My interpretation of coziness in my home is filled with bright colors, patterns, and contrasting textures—all of which I know for sure, is not that trendy—yet. I’m told that maximalism is coming back.

So how do you interpret cozy?

Examples & directions to go:

  • Envision yourself feeling cozy. What’s around you? Where are you? Is there soft music on? Are you alone or with people?
  • Do some sensory work, such as touching various textures and paying attention to any feelings they evoke in you.
  • Perhaps the cozy feeling is there when you wear the right combination of clothing.

Mood board & inspiration: