Creative Sparks essay, week 6: Lush

Bursting with green and an added bonus of a visit to the SF Botanical gardens

Lush = decadence to me. It’s the same whether it’s a table piled high with enticing treats or a jungle of greenery. This past weekend, I visited a patisserie that began during the early pandemic days. Their tent is pitched right in front of their garage and me, not exactly trained in patisserie but have consumed quite a few pastries, am always impressed with their selection.

It’s also fig season and I’m a huge sucker for figs. Put the berry tartlet and my plants together and that’s my idea of decadence.

As a bonus, are these photos from my visit to the SF Botanical Garden a few weekends ago. I took myself on a date. It was the middle of magnolia season and I *love* magnolias. Only a few trees were short and blooming (I made the mistake of bringing a prime lens and not a zoom lens) but I was still able to capture some of the flowers’ beauty. A walk through the gardens tends to calm my mind. I hope it does a little of the same for you with these photos.