Coffee Marketing – Writing for a global audience

I am on the edge of vacation! Tomorrow and through the weekend, I’ll be hanging out in Milwaukee, chomping on donuts & drinking lots of Midwest coffee.

Hot tips: be clear, be concise, and avoid slang. These are all lessons I’ve learned after working with clients that have global audiences.

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Essay for Bossy Like Me

Social media and excellent customer service can mask shoddy construction, but in the end, you need to have a good product.

Boss Ladies of Coffee: Bethany Hargrove

Profiling a super-awesome Boss Lady of Coffee.


Facebook is cutting traffic to publishers in favor of user-generated content

Facebook’s latest algorithm change is bad news for publishers.


How Live Video Can Show You and Your Brand in a New Light

Live-video opens up a conversation and invites consumers to the party - here are some key tips from Bryan Kramer on how to maximize live-streaming.

7 Steps to Snapchat Success

But first, you should know:

1. Snapchat is not a scalable platform. 2. For the most part, the way you use Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest can not be applied to Snapchat.

A Modern-Day Marketer's Guide to Creating Epic Video Marketing Content

Video marketing has officially taken the social media world by storm. How your brand can create epic social video content on a budget.

How to 'Un-Stock' Your Photography: 8 Examples That'll Change the Way You Choose Photos

Learn how to choose more authentic images for your marketing efforts by checking out these eight examples.