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Hello to my first Revue issue. I am testing it out as a newsletter service alternative to TinyLetter. There are some pros & cons of each, but so far Revue’s ease of saving links from multiple places is a winner right now.

In review: SCAA 2016 in Atlanta

  • Here’s the wrap-up of #SCAA2016, complete with a huge amount of photos
  • Emily McIntyre & I lectured on Social Media Marketing for coffee companies! It was my first time lecturing (ever). The lecture was, anecdotally, the most-attended lecture of the entire weekend. Wow! Here are our slides & handouts.
  • What’s next for me? BRAZIL. I’m going on vacation in four days and I am SO EXCITED to be in a different country this time next week.

Portfolio Items

French Truck Coffee

Photos in this Fresh Cup feature are by me! You can also find the article in its printed glory in their April issue.

On gender and racial equity in the coffee industry

I wrote this a month ago to bring attention to some important issues that the coffee industry seems to gloss over. It’s an incredibly personal essay.


Twitter Events

While I was rummaging around the Twitter Analytics sections to check out what was new (highly advised to do this every so often), I found the above events page! I’m sure this is more for those using Twitter ads. However, you can see upcoming events in nearly every category, filtered by date & country PLUS the audience size. Their recurring trends tab is helpful for those who like to jump in on hashtags, like #WellnessWednesday.


Instagram Brand Profiles are Coming – Here’s a First Look

Instagram is testing out brand profiles, which would function similar to Facebook Pages. Here’s how they look.

Other Marketing Links

Investigating the Potential for Miscommunication Using Emoji | GroupLens

We found that for 9 of our 22 emoji, the average difference in emotion rating between two platforms was greater than 2 points on our -5-to-5 scale.

How Much Time Does a Good Social Media Strategy Take?

From the all-stars at Buffer.