Building an Instagram community on a low budget

Not going to lie, these last seven days have sucked for me. I don’t have a new blog post, per se, but I do have an exciting announcement & plenty of social media updates!

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Building an Instagram Community on a Low Budget

My first blog post for Sprout Social! I’m happy to announce that I’m now a contributing writer for their blog. I’ll be writing about various social media topics every two weeks. :)

Building up a loyal community is an important aspect of any marketing strategy. Happy consumers lead to more happy consumers. Learn how to research & build your own Instagram community.

Get Woke On Power

My Tamper Tantrum talk is now live for your viewing pleasure! And if you’d rather read than watch/listen, I published the text.


Twitter Adds New ‘Mute Words’ Tool, New Processes to Combat On-Platform Abuse

Twitter has announced a new set of tools to help combat on platform abuse and harassment.


Facebook, Messenger, Instagram in a Single Inbox for Businesses

Facebook announced that businesses on the social network can now link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts and receive all communications from those channels in a single inbox.

Facebook Adds ‘Everyone Who Engaged With Your Page’ to Custom Audiences

This is great news for those of you who advertise on Facebook!


The Expansion of Instagram Stories, and What It Means for You

Verified brands can add outbound links! Also, you get a DM every time someone mentions you in their story. No more FOMO!

The Life Of An Instagrammer

How much do influential Instagram users make per post? A really helpful infographic that shows what to expect for influencer marketing.

7 Social Media Customer Service Rules You Should Stick to

Social media has become a key platform for customer service. Here are some tips on how to boost your brand’s social customer service game.

Measuring the Impact of In-Person Events

In this week’s #Sproutchat, we talked about how to measure the impact of in-person events and how to get the most value from them.