A history of coffee unions

And how to make money on IG

A history of coffee unions

What to say? I thought the news about Twitter being sold to Elon Musk was a late April Fool’s joke. Its employees learned about it via the platform, not from the company. I’m following this news with the realistic approach of “I have no control in this matter.” This being said, I’ve had a Twitter account since 2008, I work in digital marketing, and this newsletter platform I’m writing on (Revue) is owned by Twitter. So… there’s that.

Congrats to Garrett on the recent relaunch of Fresh Cup! FC was my very first print publication for writing and photography (I have the piece framed on my wall), so I’m happy to see it back in action.

The union piece below took a long time to research, interview, and write. The timeline doesn’t cover every coffee union ever – that would’ve been a very long piece – but I think it does give a good sense of what workers’ rights organizing efforts have been like in this industry.

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A Brief History Of Coffee Unions

A Brief History Of Coffee Unions

[BYLINE] Organized labor in the coffee industry is having a moment, but it is nothing new.

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

[BYLINE] Social media networks are heavily investing in the creator economy giving content creators and businesses plenty of opportunities to make money on Instagram. Learn how to do so in this article.

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In case you missed it, Twitter’s board accepted Elon Musk’s offer to purchase it for $44 billion. Here’s a timeline of the events. I don’t have thoughts in the “what’s going to happen next?” category except for 1- the deal needs to finalize and 2- changes won’t be immediate because of that.

Twitter is testing large product displays in profiles for shoppable content and captioning on videos. There’s additional info about the edit button.

Instagram updated its algorithm to prioritize original content over reposts. This is great news for content creators, not so great news for those who incorporate UGC (user-generated content) in their strategy. It officially released product tagging to everyone. It’s testing a feature to pin a post to your profile, templates for Reels, and removing the “recent” tab in hashtag searches. And a new report was released about how adding hashtags to your posts may not really affect post engagement.

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An update from my container garden!
I've done a bunch of repotting recently and this was one of them. The zigzag cactus is very fun to look at & those long tendrils are actually aerial roots!

I've done a bunch of repotting recently and this was one of them. The zigzag cactus is very fun to look at & those long tendrils are actually aerial roots.