3 Common audience audit scenarios & how to fix them

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  • I’m speaking at Re:co Seattle in a roundtable on “Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion”
  • For a good chunk of April, I will not be taking on new client consultations. Expo is dominating the month.
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Remember the previous issue when I talked about researching your current digital audience? This is the follow-up post where I identify three common scenarios that might have happened and how you can resolve them. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but the to-dos are a nice place to start.

Scenario 1: Current Audience Does Not Match Target Audience

To do: Take a little cash, let’s say $20, and spend it on one ad. Set the goal to be either increase your followers or to increase your engagement. Set your audience to match your target audience’s demographics. Over time, you’ll see if your ad is resonating with this target.

Scenario 2: One Network’s Current Audience Does Not Match Target Audience

To do: Adjust your target audiences.

Scenario 3: Your Audiences Match, But Nothing is Engaging Them

To do: Take a hard look at your content, your voice, and your posting strategy. If you’re inconsistently posting and always talking about yourself, then it’s your content that you need to work on.

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Audiences: Designing a Strategy to Reach Them

Trying a new layout for this section in this issue, let me know if you like it!

Instagram: You can now have active hashtags in your bio and add shoppable tags on your posts. Both Later and Buffer, two free Instagram tools I recommend, added the ability to schedule and automatically post.

Facebook: Customer data, which has always been known to be Facebook’s moneymaker, came under fire this weekend for being used by Cambridge Analytica in an unauthorized way. While there was no data breach, personal data that was intended for research ended up being used to target political messages.

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I'm attempting to grow more things from seeds. That centered one is a sugar snap pea that may potentially grow to 4 feet. Who knows!
I'm attempting to grow more things from seeds. That centered one is a sugar snap pea that may potentially grow to 4 feet. Who knows!