2022 Word: Intuition



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2022 Word: Intuition
By Jenn Chen • Issue #144 • View online
Happy 2022! Remember that if January isn’t all that great, you’ve got a do-over on February 1 when the year of the tiger begins.
  • I had a few long weekends where I finally was able to do things that had been put off for months, like deep cleaning my bathtub and stovetop. It’s remarkable to me how much clearer my head is when given the time and space to relax.
  • The GFB Bean for Bean mentorship program returns! The application is shorter, the platform changed, and we extended it to six months. Applications for mentors and mentees open tomorrow.
I haven’t started mapping my business goals for the year but I know I want to do more with this newsletter. Over the last year, it’s evolved from being very marketing-focused to sometimes-but-not-always-about-marketing, specifically in the Thoughts section. If you’re a long-time subscriber, thanks for reading and sticking with me through the changes. And if you’re new, welcome!

Featuring my own work & press
Featuring my own work & press
2022 Word: Intuition
My word for the year 2022 is “intuition.”
I didn’t choose a word last year because *waving hands around* 2021. But this year, for whatever reason, this word came to me as one to focus on. I had read somewhere about someone’s goal in 2021 as doing things that gave them joy. While I like that guidance, some things just aren’t that joyful. So instead, I’m going with intuition.
I don’t listen to my gut or intuition often enough. The logical side of my brain often wins, weighing the pros against cons, writing out enormous to-do lists. I don’t pause and think “Do I actually want to do this?”. Instead, I’ll push past the warning signs of burnout or tell myself I don’t really need to do my nightly stretch routine. Of course, I’d pay for it later with difficulty sleeping, a fuzzier brain the next day, and/or general feelings of despair.
So this year, I’d like to listen to my intuition more. I’d like to choose the projects, both professional and personal, that give me joy. I would like my anxiety and imposter syndrome to calm down a little more and stop getting in the way of potential success. I also want to be more organized, be better at maintaining my friendships, and generally give more priority to my self-care routines.
I am feeling marginally better going into 2022 than when I went into 2021, so that’s a plus right there. 
Quick text updates & links on what’s new on the networks
Quick text updates & links on what’s new on the networks
As expected, not that much was released over the holiday weeks.
Instagram is finally testing the chronological feed. The network announced its goals for 2022.
Twitter is testing keyword searches in DMs and smaller groups in Spaces,
In other network news, TikTok is testing a repost button and Pinterest released a report on Gen Z’s shopping habits.
Helpful links on how to improve your digital marketing
Helpful links on how to improve your digital marketing
How To Do Less and Get More in Every Facet of Content Marketing
Personal Brand, Meet Business Brand: How Small Business Owners Can Make Them Work Together
9 Free Blog Post Templates Guaranteed to Drive Traffic (From Our Top Performers!)
Anything I’ve enjoyed reading recently
Anything I’ve enjoyed reading recently
Doughnuts: The fried treat that conquered the modern world
It’s Time to Embrace Slow Productivity
Why Zingerman’s Teaches All Employees About Cash Flow, Revenue, Depreciation, and Expense Management
An update from my container garden!
An update from my container garden!
My Philodendron Brazil is quite happy wrapping its way around my shelves.
My Philodendron Brazil is quite happy wrapping its way around my shelves.
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