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💭 Thoughts on digital marketing as they intersect at specialty coffee, social media, writing, photography & social issues. 📬 2x a month on Wednesdays 🔗 @thejennchen |

💭 Thoughts on digital marketing as they intersect at specialty coffee, social media, writing, photography & social issues.

📬 2x a month on Wednesdays

🔗 @thejennchen |

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Why you should still have a website

Plus, the architectural history of giant coffee pots


2022 Word: Intuition

My word for the year 2022 is “intuition.”I didn’t choose a word last year because *waving hands around* 2021. But this year, for whatever reason, this word came to me as one to focus on. I had read somewhere about someone’s goal in 2021 as doing things that g…


2021 Recap

Oh look, it’s the end of another year. A year that really feels like it’s only been three months long. I used to set a word of intention for the year with goals plus a year-end reflection on them. Obviously, 2020 didn’t count as a year. So, here we are for a …


Gifts for the social media manager in your life

A non-exhaustive list of gift ideas


Coffee antiques + employee advocacy

I dived deep into the world of antique coffee collectibles.


The BEST hyperbole & superlatives in marketing (jk, it's an article)

I'm not a fan of exaggerations.


Influencer disclosure basics

Applies to both the influencer and the brand.


Do what you love but it’ll still feel like work

Once $ gets associated with your passion, parts of it will feel like work.


The nearly immeasurable brand metric of word-of-mouth marketing

You can't measure everything.


Redefining productivity

I used to be one who wanted to “hack” my way through productivity. If I woke up earlier, I’d have more time to get things done. If I did tasks in 20-min chunks, I’d find that creative flow. If I planned my day out in the morning and then recapped my day at EO…


Free template: Press mentions tracker

Put all of your press mentions in one place.


The era of maximalism

Thankful to see maximalism getting embraced everywhere.


Nostalgia in marketing

How it affects the consumer + my article on vintage camper vans


Why I’m a marketing specialist & not a generalist

I've tried being a generalist & it's not for me


How to use email newsletters for marketing

The basics of setting up an email newsletter for your business.


How to prepare for a press interview

Learn what to do before, during, and after a press interview


To pay or not to pay

If you’ve been in the business of providing services long enough, you’ve likely grappled with this question.


What I’ve learned in 9 years of freelancing

I'm celebrating 9 years today


F**k email etiquette

Your emails don’t have to be long to be nice.


Mental health tip: Keep a kudos document

Today, I want to share a tip that I read about and have kept for several years now. It’s easy, it’s passive, and has great mental health benefits when you need them. Think of it as a power booster in your mental health self-care toolkit.A kudos document is an…